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About Lone Oak Air

Based in Eldorado, Texas, Lone Oak Air, LLC, offers many drone services that provide the client with professional, accurate, and unmatchable data in their field of operations. We are dedicated to bringing drone technology to our area. Safety, leadership, and education are a priority as we introduce our company to our community.

As a Texas-born drone service company, Lone Oak Air promises to take the time to meet your needs. We work closely with our clients to provide friendly, professional expertise with our individualized and distinctive capabilities. This allows us the capability to save clients time and money and maintain a safer job environment.

Lone Oak Air is fully insured, abides by all FAA guidelines, and operates under strict adherence given by state and local jurisdictions.

Capabilities and Equipment

Radiometric Thermal Imagery

High-Resolution Photography / Cinematography Cameras
(High Mega Pixel and High Optical Zoom Cameras)

Onboard Laser Rangefinders

Multispectral Imagery (NDVI & NDRE)

Onboard 4000 Lumen Spotlight

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Protected - High Voltage Areas

ADS-B Onboard Receiver - Manned Aircraft Location for Collision Avoidance

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) - Centimeter Level Accuracy

Aerial Liquid and Granular Application

Pinpoint GPS Asset Locating

Smart Track In Motion Objects


Bachelor of Animal Science, Texas A&M University

Certified FAA Title 14 Part 107 Pilot

Texas Aerial Wildlife Management Permit

Texas Commercial Applicator

Texas Aerial Applicators License

Washington State Commercial Applicator

Washington State Aerial Applicators License

Basic First Aid & CPR

DroneU Member

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