Owner and Pilot

Scott Homer, Owner

My background and upbringing contribute in many ways to my business in the drone industry. I come from a local farming and ranching family and community. Through the years, I have gained knowledge and respect for the outdoors.

I continued my education as I attended Texas A&M University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. I now have many areas of expertise with agriculture and animals that are enhancing each year with new technologies and practices.

After college, I was employed in the Oil and Gas Industry for 7 years with Lufkin as a down hole and surface tool field tech. After Lufkin was bought by GE, I continued employment as a District Manager for the gas lift, packer, and plunger division.

Shortly after leaving the oil field, I became the lead hunting guide for a local outfitter where I continue to work with clients to hunt for a variety of game and wildlife all over the country. I hold state licenses and guide hunts in places such as Texas, New Mexico, and Alaska.

Now I am a licensed drone pilot for Lone Oak Air which I have established with my wife and family. Working with people and being outdoors is a passion of mine that has always been a huge part of my life.

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