Our Drone Services

Inspections & Data Acquisition

Inspection is a broad term. Drones can see anything from a birds-eye view. We will explore any and all ideas to find what will work for you. Our drones are equipped with electromagnetic interference protection (EMI) to ensure safety for your equipment and our equipment. EMI is especially critical when dealing with high-voltage areas.

Choose an application below to learn more about our inspection and data acquisition capabilities.

Electric Utilities

Power Line and Substation Inspections

  • Find small problems before they become major issues that result in power losses
  • Acquire multiple image angles with high-resolution photos, videos, live-streaming
  • Monitor and assess right-of-way vegetation growth


  • Save time and money by effectively and efficiently trouble-shooting outages

Advanced Data Collection via Unconventional Methods

  • Thermal Imagery
  • High Level Optical Zoom Cameras

Increased Safety

  • Provide a safer environment by reducing the amount of time workers spend off the ground


  • Map existing service areas
  • Map new service areas



  • Pinpoint faults (heat anomalies) more quickly
  • Find cell-level defects in individual panels
  • Collect baseline data for new installs
  • Create efficiency with decreased inspection time

Oil & Gas

  • Location Build Monitoring - 2D and 3D mapping, documentation of projects from start to finish, provide safer environment
  • Line and tank battery inspections
  • Save time and unnecessary expenses while collecting data
  • **COMING SOON** Gas Leak Detection via Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) and TDLAS Methane Detection Laser for pipeline inspection, oil processing units, and well sites. In addition, aerial LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) will be added to our capabilities for surveying and mapping which uses a remote sensing technology (rapid laser pulses) to map surfaces.


  • RTK (real time kinematic) precision ground control instruments
  • Provide a safer ground based environment while collecting data
  • Save down time and cost
  • Withstand high winds and extreme weather
  • Detailed images, 4K video
  • Remote live stream 4Mbit Video
  • Thermal Imagery

Construction Site Monitoring / Progression

Drones are beginning to play a significant role in the construction industry. Drone work makes a positive impact on the job of the project managers, engineers, and crews in many ways.


  • Avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Save time
  • Schedule reoccurring visits for data collection
  • Document / Monitor jobs from start to finish
  • Help produce new workflows
  • Aid in logistics planning via surveys
  • Decrease losses / down time
  • Monitor progress, manage assets more proficiently by measuring stockpiles
  • Improve safety by inspecting sites for hazardous conditions previously unseen from ground level

Real Estate / Insurance Claims

While we are not a licensed adjustor or inspector, Lone Oak Air can help those individuals conduct their inspections with accuracy, safety, and efficiency

Property & Claims

  • Property listing videos and imagery
  • Property maps
  • Appraisals
  • Roof inspections
  • Storm and natural disaster damage inspections

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