Our Drone Services

Public Safety Drone Services

Lone Oak Air, LLC, is proud to assist first responders and law enforcement with a myriad of applications including search and rescue, accident scene recreation, reconnaissance, and fire services.

Choose an application below to learn more about our inspection and data acquisition capabilities.

Search and Rescue

Drone aviation provides several advantages over manned efforts.

SAR Assistance

  • Live stream 4Mbit video capable
  • Live on-scene screen casting
  • Extreme zoom capabilities
  • Payload drop systems (life preservers, bottled water, etc.)

Accident Scene Recreation

Aerial images and data greatly aid investigations.

Aiding Investigations

  • Reconstruction of traffic accidents
  • Precise measurements between objects at the scene
  • Create 3D models of crash scene
  • Decrease time needed to gather information
  • Quicker time to open roadways


Drones can give a new level of safety in otherwise dangerous or volatile situations.

Monitoring Dangerous Environments

  • Active shooters
  • Hostage situations
  • High-risk warrants
  • Searches and seizures
  • Remote live stream 4Mbit video broadcasting events
  • Crowd security
  • Surveillance


We can offer fire departments unparalleled aid in domestic and wildland settings.

Fire Services

  • Provide command with remote (secondary) fire locations
  • Fire size
  • Containment percentage
  • Distance of residences from active fire
  • Real-time wind direction and speed from onboard sensors
  • Structure fire hot spots via thermal imagery

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